Easy To Clean

Montage European Oak is very easy to clean making your life easier while keeping your home beautiful. Click Below To Learn More.

Kid & Pet Safe

These floors are made to withstand your family-oriented lifestyle. Whether it be your pets or children, you’ll never have to worry. Montage Hardwood Floors meet the highest indoor air quality standards.

Organic Eco-Friendly Finish

Montage Hardwood Floors are manufactured with sustainability in mind. We believe environmental safety is important both inside and outside of the home. WOCA UV Oiled finish is both organic and protective to ensure you get the best coverage for your floors.

Floors For Life

These timeless floors are long-lasting with no need to re-sand under normal wear conditions. This means you can enjoy your beautiful and durable floors in your home for generations.

Thermal Color Treated

This delicate process is done to achieve the deep rich tone colors that enhance your home’s beauty. In addition to a visual upgrade, Thermal Color Treatment also strengthens the stability and durability of your floors.

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